Out With the Old [Surveys], In With the New [Funnels]

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Out With the Old [Surveys], In With the New [Funnels]

Now that you know what sales funnels are and how they can inform your surveys, it's time to examine how new funnels actually work in action. Basically your questions are your ammo and you can fire them all at once, or separately in stages. It really depends on what you're trying to do, but since your leads aren't going anywhere, why not nurture them, conserve your ammo and fire only sure shots? That's the way FeedBACC sees it, using a staged approach, timing and personalization to motivate respondents to give you the market answers you need.

One-Shot Approach

This approach hits one customer with a bunch of questions altogether. Ever felt like you were being interrogated with survey questions? Basic survey taking data by Survey Monkey says the more questions respondents have to answer, the less time they'll spend on each answer. Customers spend over one minute answering one question, but only 9-10 minutes on 26-30 questions. Why reduce your time spent on each answer by two-thirds? Actually thinking about the questions asked makes all the difference -- anyone can rush and anyone can lie, wasting your time and messing up your data in the process.

Staged Approach

This approach targets customers. Reaching them is a battle, you can't waste any ammo, and customers get question fatigue anyway. We use a staged approach that takes advantage of every touch point along your campaign. Touch points are any time businesses and customers interact, usually exchanging information. Touchpoints are most commonly explained from the point of view of a company, examples being advertisements and welcome letters, but your customers have their own touch points. Contacting customer service via an online chat and checking billing details are just two examples. Mapping all of these touchpoints alone is hard, manual work. Fortunately, managing them is easier with our proprietary software.

Customers spend over one minute answering one question, but only 9-10 minutes on 26-30 questions.

Conversations at Scale

It takes the power of our proprietary software to deal with every customer touch point. We want to move customers through survey funnels as effortlessly as possible. Interacting with your customers in such personal, perfectly timed ways needs to be unobtrusive. Our software makes that type of quality outreach possible.

  • Timing: Timing is essential. Maybe you survey your respondents right now on Monday mornings for best results. Well, we’re talking about getting much more targeted with timing. Every day your customer is touched by our software at the time best for their customer segment, instead of touching all your customers at the same time. By the way, different time zones can mean your 8am survey got delivered to some customers at 5am … If you have customers in different time zones, timing is even more important.
  • Personalization: How personalized your survey funnels are depends on how well you know your customers. Segments and personas make easier work of understanding the individual needs, concerns and even language preferences of your customers. General campaigns don't let you focus on particular problems because you have to make the copy appeal to many readers.


Old surveys don't work. Their overall length, structure and delivery is off, even if the questions are well-written. This should be a relief to any of you still using old multi-question surveys because you can now invest in something with actual ROI, and save time in the process. Surveys distributed in stages to targeted respondents get the results you want, without hacking into your time. We take care of everything from strategy to execution to final reporting of the market answers you need.

The next post in this series, "Everyone Wins With The Right Survey Funnel", discusses who benefits from survey funnels: customers, business owners, or both?

If you're still reading, you must be excited by the idea of a new approach to surveys using proprietary software and survey funnels. One quick chat is all it takes to see if you're ready for us to map out your entire strategy, money back no questions asked.

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