Everyone Wins With The Right Survey Funnel

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Everyone Wins With The Right Survey Funnel

Everyone benefits with the right survey funnel for your audience, which makes survey funnels an easy choice. A conversion today really is a vote for personalization, so for prospects who get a survey with the language, content, tone and timing down, they're eased into a quality response. They get the engagement of a survey actually made for them, and you get the accurate answers to your market questions.

What is the Right Survey Funnel?

There are no pre-made funnels because your audience’s behavior, demographical traits, predefined segments and other factors affect how your unique funnel or funnels are built. Traditional surveys are much easier to set up than survey funnels, which isn't surprising because everyone uses them. There are no half-measures in marketing, so don't be the guy who loses a bundle trying to save a few bucks on quality outreach. The truth is there's so many talented folks out there willing to plunk down the proper change to get on their customers’ level, and they're more likely to succeed because of it.

There are no pre-made funnels because your audience’s behavior, demographical traits, predefined segments and other factors affect how your unique funnel or funnels are built.

Benefits For Prospects

No business’s survey will ever be at the top of a prospect’s list as far as entertainment, but you can get pretty close with proper engagement. The promise of a better service or product in response to feedback is another benefit, but customers will doubt their ability to be heard if you don't make it clear that you listened.

  • Engagement: What can you give your prospects immediately in exchange for feedback? Entertainment, engagement, a distraction from their day, a survey that resonates because it asks about concerns customers hold close.
  • Better Product/Service: This is the long term payoff for customers. You can bet they won't look down the road though, so keep them up to date and make sure they are marketed to properly when your offerings improve.

Benefits For Owners

Lots of people say they can get the answers to your market questions and fail. In a way this feels right because it is a tough job, but who can you trust to actually succeed? Our biggest benefit for an owner is peace of mind, because we always get answers and we don't commit to the job or keep your money until you sign off on the strategy.

  • Accurate Market Answers: Anyone can get you an answer to your market question, but how do you know it's accurate? We get you an answer no matter what, and in some cases that consists of why you did not get an answer to your specific question. You will be able to take action either way. Maybe you asked the wrong question, and you discover what the true issue is so you can craft the right one. With FeedBACC you're never left right where you started because progress is always possible.
  • Make More Money: You do a better job for your customers for a reason -- of course you want to deliver excellence, but you obviously want to profit in the process. When you get the market answers you need, assuming that you asked the right questions, you will improve your offerings and that in turn increases sales.


The businesses that will get big or stay big will be the best listeners of their customers. The way buyers have flipped things these days, there's no room for the company that won't invest in feedback efforts. Yes, it's more effort up front, but don't let someone else beat you just because they dug deeper. Just like lackluster feedback results from half-baked providers may have squashed your enthusiasm for surveys, customers too have lost interest because businesses don't make them believe in their value. Let's undo those assumptions.

Now that you know who benefits from survey funnels, the next article in this series will discuss the optimal scenarios for using these funnels.

Ready to become a winner yourself with a custom-crafted survey funnel from FeedBACC? All we need from you is a few minutes to make sure we’re the right solution for your market questions. Give us a call now.

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