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Don't Settle For Below 20% Response Rates

The old way of thinking about customers as data points is dead. They’re people, and they want to be heard. They’re wary of hard sells and know when your business isn’t truly listening. As a result, they’ll promptly tune you out in favor of a competitor with open ears.

If you are settling for 10-20% survey response rates, not only are you collecting less data, you’re collecting low quality data -- data submitted in a hurry to take advantage of a promotion, or to make a pop-up disappear.

The Only Limitation is Your Creativity

Do you want to listen to your customers, but find traditional survey software holding you back from having a real conversation? With FeedBACC, the only limitation is your creativity.

Ask the questions you want to ask, deliver the questions the way you want, and let your customers interact with your surveys in meaningful ways that make them feel valued.

When you use FeedBACC customer feedback software to talk to your customers, you:

Boost response rates to as much as 75% of your targeted audience.

Reduce time spent gathering insight from your attendees and vendors.

Increase exhibition data quality to better customize and market your offerings.

Simplify follow-up with respondents for further engagement.

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